Chapter 4: Bitvoter results

This spell is intended to let a small group of entities record their opinions into the blockchain for all to see. It works in combination with a proposal.

Votes are cast by sending a specific amount of bitcoins to a proposal address, this is the base cost of each vote + the number of the option in Satoshis. Since a single Satoshi is so little in value it should not make any difference to choose an option.

Entities can change their vote by sending a new transaction just as they did the first time, although it is recommended to wait at least 1 confirmation before doing this.

The final step in the process is to calculate the results. Cast this spell when all votes have been received to reveal the outcome. Optionally a blockheight can be specified to acquire the results at that moment in time.

It is also possible to have the votes weighed according to a SIL, LBL, LRL or LSL.

Get results
Error: Unable to retrieve latest block